Environmental Packaging Summit 2019 Featured Image

Environmental Packaging Summit 2019

We were invited to exhibit eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging; moulded pulp & corrugate.

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Moulded Pulp In The Medical Industry Featured Image

Moulded Pulp In The Medical Industry

Moulded pulp is used to avoid the spread of infectious diseases through cross-contamination.

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Bake-In Muffin Tray Featured Image

Bake-In Muffin Tray

Our 'bake-in' muffin tray is used in a touch-free baking process for a leading food manufacturer.

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Would you pay more for a plastic bag? Featured Image

Would you pay more for a plastic bag?

Would you spend more to pack your weekly shop using a plastic bag?

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Safansound: Gift for Christmas Featured Image

Safansound: Gift for Christmas

Safansound is an eco-friendly transportation pack for businesses in the drinks or gift-giving industry.

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Supermarkets To Ban Non-Recyclable Packaging Featured Image

Supermarkets To Ban Non-Recyclable Packaging

Produce growers and are at risk of reduced produce sales unless they align with supermarket produce tray guidelines.

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Supermarket Produce Packaging Featured Image

Supermarket Produce Packaging

Aldi have made changes to their fresh food packaging to use mostly recycled material.

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