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Moulded pulp for the food & drink industry comes in various forms. Trays and carriers are used for transportation, consumer convenience or supermarket shelf-edge display. Wine, spirits and champagne can be transported using Clinker; offering ultimate protection for bottles with minimal impact to the environment.

Manufactured using 100% recycled paper, we create solutions for the food & drink industry that are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable. 


Moulded pulp packaging is designed to be lightweight but also strong and rigid. Given its strength by design, our food & drink solutions are quality tested in-house to confirm suitability for carrying bottles, muffins, drinks, convenience pots, soups and tins.

Cullen uses recycled raw material to create our food & drink solutions; whether it’s the off-cuts from our corrugate factory or over-issued newspaper. We use recycled waste as raw material and in-turn create a recyclable product. We want to help supermarkets and their suppliers reduce non-recyclable waste and lower their reliance on single-use plastic packaging.

If you can’t find your perfect product here, our consultants can discuss creating a bespoke moulded pulp collation tray for your product.

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Cup Carrier – 2

Spec no: 68177
Product size: 211L x 111W x 45H mm
Units per carton: 320
Units per pallet: 11,520

Cup Carrier – 4

Spec no: 68178
Product size: 211L x 211W x 45H mm
Units per carton: 160
Units per pallet: 5,760

Carrier Tray – 6 Cavity

Spec no: 70949
Product size: 340L x 215W x 41H mm
Units per pallet: 2,000

Muffin Tray – 12 Cavity

Spec no: 86181
Product size: 372L x 275W x 39H mm
Units per carton: 120
Cartons per pallet: 1,400

Horticulture Collation Tray – 3 Cavity – 8/9cm

Spec no: 87546

Horticulture Collation Tray – 6 Cavity – 8/9cm

Spec no: 87548

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