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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance holds continuous quality and reliability in high regard. At Cullen, we recognise that anything less has an impact on our customers’ businesses. Achieving a consistent quality product requires a rigorous approach.

Our quality assurance process commits the products we manufacture to regular checks. This forms part of our ISO9001 quality management system to certificate a consistent quality product.

In our corrugated factory, our operatives conduct interval sampling at the beginning, throughout and at the end of every production run. Each customer job has pre-set quality inspection instructions and each sample is inspected by a member of the supervisory team.

Our moulded pulp factory runs to a half-hour sample process. Each sample is graded against the product specification on weight, form, functionality, aesthetic quality and performance. Once manufactured, each product is put through a visual quality inspection before being packed. Any that fail the visual inspection are rejected immediately.

Products are packaged with a label to identify the date and shift the product was manufactured. For the medical and healthcare industries, every tenth box of moulded pulp is subject to an ‘over-check’; confirming the product quality and quantity against our Quality Assurance Checklist. The ‘over-check’ box has an additional label applied with the details of the inspector to confirm that it has passed our Quality Assurance standards.

Boxes are palatalised and given a unique seven-digit reference number that allows the pallet to be tracked from date of manufacture to the date it is dispatched to the customer.



Cullen is ISO9001 registered, using quality management systems to maintain business practices that encourage efficiency and accountability.

Cullen is also BRC Global Standard for ‘Packaging Materials’ certified at ‘high hygiene risk category grade AA’ for food-contact. This certification commands hygiene controls and systematic analysis and review of all risk factors (HACCP).

As a supplier to the NHS, HSE Ireland and many other health boards worldwide, our medical pulp products must reach standards for each healthcare system on water retention and maceration. Manufacturing moulded pulp for the healthcare market requires Kitemark certification from BSI.

Our kraft moulded pulp range is one of the few UK-made paper or moulded pulp products to hold approval as compostable to the International Standard EN 13432.

We can provide Chain of Custody (CoC) for the paper-based products in our corrugated factory and the corrugated board-based products from our moulded pulp factory. Cullen can step back in the manufacturing process and identify where the raw material came from. The paper used in our products manufactured with CoC are certified by FSC®.



Cullen manufactures a range of transit packaging for liquids such as paint, chemicals and bottles of alcoholic beverages.

Our bottle transit packs, Clinker and Safansound are drop tested to ISTA 3A standard and certified as able to effectively withstand transport hazards.

Paint tins can be safely shipped using moulded pulp fitments. Each pack has been drop test approved to UN1263 for certified reliability.


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