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Cullen are manufacturers of eco-friendly packaging, using innovative techniques to support companies worldwide.

For almost 100 years, we’ve worked with businesses to deliver the ideal packaging solution on time and to specification. When packaging doesn’t do its job, it can become a complex and frustrating issue to fix. That’s why our team offer simple, clear advice for an eco-friendly product.

At our 200,000 sq ft. facility in Glasgow, Scotland, everything we make is recyclable; but this isn’t enough. As manufacturers of moulded pulp and corrugate packaging, we believe in a circular economy where waste can be recycled and reused again for a new purpose. That’s why we employ a closed loop recycling system.

Cullen Closed Loop Recycling Manufacturing










The off-cuts from our corrugate factory are collated and used again for the manufacture of moulded pulp, allowing us to eliminate corrugate raw material waste. By using our corrugate off-cuts, we have reduced the volume of bought-in newspaper we need and giving waste from one manufacturing process a new life in another. This all contributes to a more circular economy.

To be industry leaders in both moulded pulp and corrugate, we have a dedicated team for each. We’ll discuss your requirements to understand what we can do to turn your concept into reality.

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Take a look inside our 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and see how eco-friendly packaging is created.

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