Moulded pulp is used by businesses for product protection; the most common being in-box product protection using moulded pulp fitments.

A fitment fits the top and bottom of your product while the outer box wraps everything in place. During transportation, the fitment helps to absorb any impact the box takes and will shield your product from harm.

The majority of product-specific fitments must be custom made to the product and we offer a bespoke service for this.

As eco-friendly packaging, a fitment can be discarded in commercial or household recycling or for composting. This gives manufacturers, retailers and consumers an easy route of disposal.

Cullen are one of the few UK paper or moulded pulp manufacturers to hold approval to the International Standard EN 13432.

For industries that have standard product sizes, we stock a range of fitments.


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Plain Corner – 20mm

Spec no: 406
Material: Kraft

Paint Tin Fitment – 2.5-5L

Spec no: 79552
Product size: 245L x 245W x 72H mm
Units per pallet: 1,400

Paint Tin Fitment – 2.5L

Spec no: 80722
Product size: 205L x 205W x 80H mm
Units per pallet: 2,250

Paint Tin Fitment – 0.75L

Spec no: 79344
Product size: 165L x 165W x 45H mm
Units per pallet: 4,620

Paint Tin Fitment – 0.5-1L

Spec no: 79819
Product size: 160L x 160W x 38H mm
Units per pallet: 5,610

Tri-Corner – 60mm (Pyramid)

Spec no: 463
Material: Kraft

Tri-Corner – 60mm

Spec no: 429
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Channel – 40mm

Spec no: 434
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Channel – 30mm

Spec no: 433
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Channel – 18mm

Spec no: 431
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 90mm

Spec no: 403
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 65mm

Spec no: 401
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 55mm

Spec no: 400
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 48mm

Spec no: 399
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 40mm

Spec no: 398
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 30mm

Spec no: 397
Material: Kraft

Ribbed Corner – 18mm

Spec no: 396
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 110mm

Spec no: 386
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 80mm

Spec no: 416
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 70mm

Spec no: 414
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 60mm

Spec no: 413
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 48mm

Spec no: 411
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 40mm

Spec no: 408
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 30mm

Spec no: 407
Material: Kraft

Plain Corner – 15mm

Spec no: 404
Material: Kraft

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