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COP27 – Was it another COP-Out?

As COP 27 came to a close in Egypt we take a look at what was agreed and review what’s been achieved since COP26 a year on and we ask the burning question, is COP just a talking shop or is anything actually achieved?

COP27 was very close to failing and ran over by two days, in the end the big perceived ‘win’ was that a Climate Cost deal was struck.  Meaning the rich nations will pay developing countries for any damage and economic losses incurred due to climate change such as flooding and drought. 

Similar to COP26, once again there was no commitment to ensuring such disasters are avoided in the future, as all nations left the talks no further forward on cutting fossil fuels and yet again plastic was not on the agenda despite the plastic industry, if it were a country, being the world’s fifth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

One year on from COP26 Climate Summit – Sian Sutherland from a Plastic Planet was back in Glasgow, where global leaders came to the city to discuss the catastrophic effects of climate change. Having visited us last year during COP, she came back to Cullen to explore how companies like ours, that can manufacture alternatives to single-use plastic packaging at scale, can support big brands to replace plastic and in turn reduce plastic production. 

We have produced over 1 billion pieces of plastic-free packaging since 2020 for the medical and produce sectors, all major supermarkets, retail, food and beverages sectors to name a few.

The Cullen in-house team of designers and engineers can design and manufacture an alternative to your plastic packaging and finalise a solution within 1 month. 

A Climate Cost Deal is green washing at it’s worst and if the world’s leaders can’t drive change, then brands and the packaging industry must. 

The average household throws away 660 pieces of plastic every day, that’s over 100 billion pieces every year and outstandingly 83% was from food and drinks packaging.

Cullen have viable, sustainable alternatives that can replace most of this unnecessary plastic today, available at scale.

Contact our sales team to start your plastic-free journey today.

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