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Our Pulp Process

For nearly 100 years, Cullen have manufactured packaging, following a process that compliments our customers business by working as a packaging partner. Our consultants will guide you through the journey of creating your moulded pulp product; from initial consultation to final delivery and feedback.

  • Initial Consultation Timeline Image

    Initial Consultation

    The first step on your eco-friendly journey! Our knowledgeable team will talk over your requirements and discover what we need to do to turn the concept into reality. It might be simple or it might be complicated, either way our experienced consultants will guide you through what we can do to help you.

  • Our Proposal Timeline Image

    Our Proposal

    Once we understand what you need, we’ll go ahead and create your quotation. This will include an analysis of the idea and provide an estimate of what your new product will cost. We’ll include two additional prices – one for the prototype tooling and one for the production tooling. We’ll go on to explain these below.

  • Design/Prototypes Timeline Image


    We want to show you what your product is going to look like. Using 3D Solidworks CAD, our designers will create a drawing for you, which we’ll then use to create your prototype. It’s now that you’ll want to solicit feedback. Make sure all the relevant stakeholders have their input on the design before we go ahead.

  • Your Prototypes Timeline Image

    Your Prototypes

    Once you’re happy, we’ll make a prototype from the design. A prototype is created using a custom-made tool with the design of your product. Made from an epoxy resin and porous beads, the prototype tool can create 20-30 samples and typically takes 2 weeks. Once they’re ready, we’ll make arrangements to get them to you.

  • You Test Your Samples Timeline Image

    You Test Your Samples

    At this stage you’ll use the prototypes with your product and test it. However you use the moulded pulp, this is the opportunity to take your sample through your test process.

  • Production Tool Timeline Image

    Production Tool

    Once you’re happy and your team are excited, it’s time to start production. Our engineers will create your custom production tool. Your production tool will be used alongside up to five others on one of our moulded pulp machines to allow us to manufacture on a run that is at maximum capacity. If you’re looking for a large amount of stock, we can create multiple production tools for your product.

  • Manufacture the product Timeline Image

    Manufacture the product

    You’re welcome to visit our factory, if you haven’t already, to see your product being manufactured. In fact, we’d be delighted to meet you in person and thank you for your business. Post-production, our products go through a structured and randomised quality assurance process, including metal detection.

  • Collection or delivery? Timeline Image

    Collection or delivery?

    Once your order is manufactured, checked by quality assurance and packed, it’s made available from our factory for you to collect. Of course, if you’d rather we took care of shipping, we’d be happy to.

  • Feedback & onward planning Timeline Image

    Feedback & onward planning

    Now that your first order has been delivered, we want to be your packaging partner. Let us know what you forecast to need and we’ll work to your schedule.

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