Combination Packs

As a manufacturer of both corrugate and moulded pulp, we are in a unique position to combine both services to form a range of moulded pulp combination packs.

For bottles, Safansound is an eco-friendly transportation pack. The moulded pulp bottle protectors wrap the bottle from top to bottom and to protect it from damage in transport. The inner clam-shell protector fits snugly inside a corrugate outer transit case. Both are fully recyclable and provide versatile transportation for spirits, wine, prosecco or champagne.

Microbreweries find the Beer Bottle Pack helpful in home deliveries & online retailing. Each bottle pack consists of a sturdy moulded pulp base, a die cut fitment for the bottle necks and a strong outer corrugate box. These ensure safe transportation for bottles and cans. Furthermore, our corrugate factory can brand your chemical pack to your design specification.

Chemical manufacturers and transporters use Cullen Chemical UN Packs; a corrugate box with two internal fitments. Using standard size bottles, the Chemical UN Packs are certified for packaging groups 1, 2 & 3.

Combination packs can be made custom to client requirements. Cullen have a unique capability to create both the corrugate outer box and moulded pulp inner at a single site. Based on your design and product size, both our corrugate and pulp teams work together to create an integrated packaging solution from one supplier. Combining an appropriate corrugate board grade with Cullen’s moulded pulp design achieves a packaging solution bespoke to your product.

Our Combination Packs products

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Bottle Pack – 12 Bottles

Spec no: 65951

Chemical Pack – 1 x 4L

Spec no: 692AB

Chemical Pack – 4 x 1L

Spec no: 51390

Chemical Pack – 4 x 2.5L

Spec no: 78969

Chemical Pack – 6 x 1L

Spec no: 70054

Clinker Magnum Pack

Spec no: 89466
Units per pallet: 1,925

Clinker One Pack

Spec no: 89461
Units per pallet: 4,050

Clinker Six Pack

Spec no: 89465
Units per pallet: 650

Clinker Three Pack

Spec no: 89464
Units per pallet: 1,200

Clinker Twelve Pack

Units per pallet: 650

Clinker Two Pack

Units per pallet: 4,050

Safansound – Inner – 1L/Champagne

Spec no: 441
Units per case: 40

Safansound – Inner – 750ml

Spec no: 438
Units per case: 80

Safansound – Inner & Outer – 1L/Champagne Bottle

Spec no: 443
Units per case: 25

Safansound – Inner & Outer – 750ml Bottle

Spec no: 437
Units per case: 50

Safansound – Multipack – 2

Spec no: 439
Units per case: 25

Safansound – Multipack – 3

Spec no: 440
Units per case: 17

Safansound – Multipack – 6

Spec no: 445
Units per case: 10

Safansound – Multipack – 12

Spec no: 65951
Units per case: 20


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