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Retail Ready Packaging

It’s not just your product that attracts customers. Your shelf edge appeal identifies your brand with loyal customers as well as attracting impulse buyers and generating more sales. But how can Cullen help you with retail ready packaging?

Supermarket approved means we make your packaging conform to retailer and industry requirements. We hold brand guidelines for all major UK supermarkets and are already pre-approved for many.

Thoughtful packaging design leads to great packaging performance. With careful consideration of your product protection, your product is less likely to arrive in-store damaged.

Easy to open perforation strips let the store to tear open your box quickly and display your product in its finest light. No shelf-stacking required!

Great shelf-edge presentation considers how your product looks through the eyes of your potential customers. Brand visibility is paramount, particularly in congested shelf space. On-shelf disruption, accessibility and product navigation can be designed into the pack, giving you more reassurance your product is being seen in its full glory.

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t just a slogan. Once your packaging has done its job it needs to be recycled and corrugated cardboard is easily recyclable in-store or at home. Now more than ever before, consumers want to buy products from businesses who are eco-considerate.

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