Moulded pulp is a great material to use in the professional horticulture industry with its biodegradable qualities and compostable nature. Flowers and plants can be sewn and sold in the same pot. The pot uses a water-repellent wax coating as an advantage to stay strong, rigid and water-free for longevity on the shelf.

Moulded pulp pots are a great alternative to plastic in the horticulture industry. While plastic pots are sold as-standard, these pots are typically disposed of by the consumer in the general waste bin. Plastic pots aren’t compostable or recyclable and simply cause additional landfill waste that can’t be managed.

Moulded pulp transport trays remove unnecessary plastic from the supply chain. Used in transport and shelf-edge product display, retailers can treat the tray like any other paper-based product and recycle alongside cardboard boxes. This contributes to retailer plastic or environmental policies.

Each pot and tray is also compostable. We are one of the few UK paper or moulded pulp manufacturers to hold approval to the International Standard EN 13432.


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Horticulture Collation Tray – 3 Cavity – 8/9cm

Spec no: 87546

Horticulture Collation Tray – 6 Cavity – 8/9cm

Spec no: 87548

Round Pot – 12cm

Spec no: 87955

Round Pot – 13cm

Spec no: 83859

Round Pot – 14cm

Spec no: 88074

Round Pot – 17cm

Spec no: 88075

Round Pot – 8.5cm

Spec no: 83857

Round Pot – 8cm

Spec no: 79536

Square Pot – 9cm

Spec no: 88073

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