Cullen - Manufacturers of Eco-Friendly Packaging.

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Moulded Pulp

From produce trays to industrial protection - moulded pulp is sustainably produced.

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Corrugate Packaging

Cullen are specialists in retail ready packaging and multi-point glued trays.

numatic corrugate box moulded pulp fitment

Combination Packs

A combination of both moulded pulp and corrugate packaging; for a complete solution.

Cullen Medical Moulded Pulp Bulbous Macerator

Medical moulded pulp: a reliable, cost-effective solution to cross-contamination

Management of human waste is now easier and safer with Cullen.


We don’t believe you should choose between safety and sustainability. Clinker delivers ultimate protection to ship wine, spirits, champagne & magnum bottles in 100% plastic-free packaging.

Cullen manufacture eco-friendly packaging for...

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