Ocean Plastic Pollution report featured on GB News - Cullen

Ocean Plastic Pollution report featured on GB News Featured Image

Ocean Plastic Pollution report featured on GB News

171 trillion pieces of plastic trash now clog the world’s oceans according to a new analysis published by The 5 Gyres Institute, a global non-profit targeting plastic waste.

“The exponential increase in microplastics across the world’s oceans is a stark warning that we must act now at a global scale, stop focusing on clean-up and recycling, and usher in an age of corporate responsibility for the entire life of the things they make,” said Dr Marcus Eriksen, Co-Founder of The 5 Gyres Institute.

Clearly, we need to put a stop to our plastic addiction and find realistic alternatives.

Co-founder of A Plastic Planet and friend of Cullen, Sian Sutherland, joined Emily Carver on GB News to discuss the latest  Ocean Plastic Pollution report:

“I’d like to see some fiscal policy that really encourages innovation. Just within the UK, we’ve got some amazing companies. Cullen is a huge manufacturer of moulded fibre and a great replacement for plastic packaging. They’re up in Glasgow, producing billions of pieces of packaging a year. Using new materials that are absolutely compatible with nature. That nature knows how to take back, that are nutrients that are not chemically modified. This is where we need to get to.”

The best action to replace single use plastic is to stop producing it in the first place, and Cullen have the answer – Moulded Fibre and Corrugated packaging, available today and at scale.

Cullen are Europe’s only combined manufacturer of moulded fibre and corrugated packaging solutions, with a 14-acre site in the UK. Cullen can help global brands reach their sustainability targets by designing their next plastic free alternative packaging within one month with our inhouse designers and engineers, who manufacture machines and tooling as well as products. 
David MacDonald, Owner and CEO of Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging and EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 UK Transformational Leader states; ”Single use plastic is simply unnecessary and viable solutions to the problem already exist. Brands can take comfort that established manufacturers like Cullen can support them to take what can seem a daunting step of transitioning to plastic free, we are here to help and support them every step of the way.”  
We can replace your single-use plastic packaging within one month – contact our packaging experts today to start your plastic-free journey and help reduce the amount of single-use plastic the world consumes.

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