What is Moulded Pulp? Eco-friendly Packaging by Cullen

What is Moulded Pulp?

Pulp is made from water and paper; most often cardboard, newspaper or a combination of both.

When mixed together, they form a slurry which is shaped, pressed and dried. Moulded pulp is an eco-friendly packaging alternative that is made from recycled raw materials. These materials give a new life to surplus paper and reduce the amount of virgin paper we use to zero.

Found in the medical, produce, industrial and horticulture industries, moulded pulp is a multi-purpose material. Its recyclable and compostable nature allows Cullen to help eco-considerate business replace their current non-recyclable plastic packaging.

Moulded Pulp Production

The production process begins with our team of in-house tooling engineers. They create the moulds that are used to manufacture the moulded pulp product. Working inside our manufacturing facility, our engineers maintain and repair well-used tools so we continue to manufacture a consistent and quality product.

Using our Wet Pressing Technology, pulp is vacuum formed into the mould, wet pressed for a superior finish then transferred into the tri-zone dryer, evaporating the excess water at a controlled rate to prevent burning or scorching. Once dry, moulded pulp retains its rigid shape.

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ products cover the medical, produce and horticulture industries. Often we’ll consult with businesses who currently use plastic packaging to create bespoke moulded pulp packaging. We consult on projects to create a customer-brief and create tooling that will produce a bespoke pulp product based on the set requirements.

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