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Sustainable Living – Five Tips For Your Weekly Shop

Making the switch to a more sustainable way of living can seem daunting. In today’s world time never seems to be on our side and seeing where we can make any changes can be a challenge. To keep things simple and achievable, we have outlined 5 sustainable shopping tips that you could apply to your weekly shop. Helping you and the environment too.




Taking 5 minutes to plan weekly meals and making a list to stick to while on your shop can save you a cost to the environment and your bank balance; a win for sustainable living! Planning and shopping strategically can mean a reduction in food waste, which is a considerable environmental issue. In 2018 we in the UK threw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste1 – thinking through our shopping choices can considerably lower our contribution.


Choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season is an excellent way to improve your impact. Eating food in season reduces the energy needed to both grow and transport fresh produce which minimises the CO2 footprint of every purchase. Not only that but consuming fresh produce grown locally and in season has the added benefit of being fresher, retaining a fuller nutritional value.

3. cook from scratch

Making food at home allows you to pick your own sustainable ingredients so you know exactly what is in your food and where it came from. Home cooking means less wasted food (as long as you use that list!) and lower energy usage in production. We know, this one sounds like it breaks the extra time promise but by spending a little time batch cooking, meals can be ready and waiting on busy days – a small price to pay for such big wins for the health of your family and your planet.


Take a minute to check your labels, especially when there are a few different options for the same product. Is the packaging made from sustainable materials? Can it be disposed of easily and by recycling or composting? With so many options on the shelf, make sure to pick the one that doesn’t create an environmental problem when the time comes to throw it away.


Across the UK we have been charging for plastic bags since 2015 – resulting in a drop in plastic bag sales by 86% in major supermarkets2 – and with the charge due to increase in April, using your own bags makes more sense than ever. Try keeping some tote bags in the boot of your car or on a hook by the front door as a reminder.

Even on our regular ‘big’ shop, there are small wins which all add up. When all added together they also inform and change the market. The more we use our consumer power to show that sustainability is important to us, the more sustainable options will become available. When you’re picking up potatoes or buying blueberries, making a sustainable choice is casting a vote for the planet.

To discuss how you can make a sustainable choice in your business, speak to one of our packaging consultants