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Choosing The Right Delivery Packaging For Alcohol Bottles

No business wants an unhappy customer and nothing is more likely to lead to one-star reviews than receiving damaged goods. When the product is alcohol, the stakes are even higher. One broken bottle is enough to render a whole multi-pack unusable leading to costly returns and replacement as well as lost repeat custom.

The good news is that the correct packaging can mitigate any such damage and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction and reduce lost profit. Finding the right delivery packaging for bottles needs consideration but taking a little time to think about the key aspects of your packaging can pay dividends in the long run. Key areas to consider include:

Packaging Design

The structure and integrity of your glass bottle packaging is key. The ideal option is to have a complete and combined packaging solution so that the overall packaging design takes into account the ergonomics of your product to offer total protection. Internal packaging designed to work specifically with the external case or box will yield the strongest solution, supporting and protecting all points of the product inside. At Cullen, we offer complete packaging solutions for all alcohol types.

Packaging Size

Source a solution that fits your product well. In postal packaging for bottles, the right fit is essential for maximum protection. Packaging that is too large not only causes excess waste and cost but, critically, it does not form a safe and secure structure around the product. Similarly, packaging that is too small will only offer minimal protection and for only part of the product. Taking the time to source the correct size of packaging will ensure the optimum performance for your product.

Packaging Material

Another factor in achieving the maximum protection for your product is the material you choose. Using a material with optimal strength and durability while retaining some ‘give’ – such as moulded pulp – can allow for 360° protection on two bases. The right material can offer both the opportunity for secure hold of product and the absorption of impact through the package. Similarly, the material you choose for your beer or wine bottle packaging should be capable of protecting all elements of your product evenly whether bottom, neck or top.


The statistics show consumers’ continued preference for brands with a sustainable focus and this, alongside the impending plastic tax and increase in brand EPR in the UK, has made sustainability a key focus in selecting packaging. For truly sustainable bottle packaging, make sure to ask where the product is made and from what. Is the source sustainable? What happens to the packaging after use? Can it be disposed of without damage to the environment and is it obvious to the consumer how to do that? Both upcoming regulation and consumer behaviours will make it essential to know the answers to these questions about your packaging choices.


Often brand owners end up with sub-standard packaging for their alcohol products because economies of scale mean they need a generic solution resulting in poor protection across the board. There are, however, options that offer prime protection with the flexibility required for different bottles – such as Cullen’s Clinker and beerGUARD. The multiple components in each range provide flexibility for variances in bottle height, width, shape and shoulder height without compromising the protection quality. Choosing a solution that performs at a high standard for a variety of products can save you space, time and money.

Whether you’re exporting pallets of spirits, mailing multi-packs of craft beers or posting a bottle of prosecco, pause for thought on your packaging and take time to consider all aspects. At Cullen, we do the same when manufacturing your packaging solutions. Expertly designed and manufactured from moulded pulp our plastic-free alcohol packaging range offers a complete DPD-approved shipping solution with premium protection for beers, wines, spirits and champagnes.

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