Collation Trays

Moulded Pulp collation trays are used for transportation, supermarket shelf-edge display or consumer convenience. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not just your typical cup holder.

Using eco-friendly moulded pulp, we design collation trays with two primary objectives in mind: creating convenience in the supply chain and maximising available branding space for products.

Collation Tray Design

Moulded pulp trays are designed to be lightweight but also strong and rigid. Given their strength by design, the trays are quality tested in-house to confirm suitability for carrying full large drinks, convenience pots, soups and tins.

Cullen use recycled raw material to create our collation trays; whether it’s the off-cuts from our corrugate factory or over-issued newspaper. We use recycled waste as a raw material and in-turn create a recyclable product. In this way, Cullen contribute to a circular economy where used material is given a new life over and over. We want to help supermarkets and their suppliers reduce non-recyclable waste and lower their reliance on single-use plastic trays.

If you can’t find your perfect product here, our consultants can discuss creating a bespoke moulded pulp collation tray for your product.

Our Collation Trays products

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Cup Carrier – 2

Spec no: 68177
Product size: 211L x 111W x 45H mm
Units per carton: 320
Units per pallet: 11,520

Cup Carrier – 4

Spec no: 68178
Product size: 211L x 211W x 45H mm
Units per carton: 160
Units per pallet: 5,760

Carrier Tray – 6 Cavity

Spec no: 70949
Product size: 340L x 215W x 41H mm
Units per pallet: 2,000

Muffin Tray – 12 Cavity

Spec no: 86181
Product size: 372L x 275W x 39H mm
Units per carton: 120
Cartons per pallet: 1,400

Horticulture Collation Tray – 3 Cavity – 8/9cm

Spec no: 87546

Horticulture Collation Tray – 6 Cavity – 8/9cm

Spec no: 87548

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