Earth Day 2020 - Cullen

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Earth Day 2020

This is the 50th annual celebration of our planet and this year we’re focusing on the environmental challenges.

Globally around 40% of plastic is used for packaging and, as packaging is most often meant for single-use, this is a huge contributor to plastic pollution through production and disposal.

Today, we’re challenging businesses to consider their packaging. Does it have to be plastic, or can it be made from a more eco-friendly material? There has never been a better time than now to consider it. Our latest case study shows how businesses in the drinks industry enjoy better product transit protection while using eco-friendly packaging.

As a business, it can seem daunting to face these environmental challenges alone. They seem to be many and massive. Evolving from plastic to moulded pulp or corrugate packaging is a great place to start and Cullen can help.

Whether using our stock moulded pulp packaging solutions or having bespoke solutions created, Cullen can meet the challenge of replacing plastic packaging head-on.

Happy Earth Day!