Built For Safe Voyage

We don’t believe you should choose between safety and sustainability. Clinker delivers ultimate protection to ship bottles in 100% plastic free packaging.

Three moulded pulp fitments; for the top, middle and bottom of the bottle, are carefully manufactured to offer superior cushioning and protection, even with rough handling. The fitments are held in place by a corrugate carton which can proudly display your brand or stay a natural brown for a more eco-friendly look.

Clinker is manufactured using recycled kraft paper. Compared to other paper, the long fibres found in kraft are stronger and provide increased protection in case of impact. We collect and reuse the kraft off-cuts from our corrugate packaging factory to ensure all material used to manufacture Clinker is 100% recycled.

As a result, its eco-credentials are among the highest in the market. Unique in nature, the pack is entirely recyclable, compostable and biodegradable to provide a sustainable packaging solution for wine, spirits, champagne and magnum bottles.

The Clinker One pack has been drop tested to ISTA 3A standard and is officially recognised as able to effectively withstand transport hazards. The multipack solutions are currently in testing. 

“The most environmentally friendly transit packaging for bottles”

 – Andrew Wilson, WBC

Why Clinker?

Bulky bubble wrap and delicate polystyrene are now a thing of the past. Clinker is quicker to assemble, easier to use and offers better protection than market alternatives. Its flexible nature caters for varying bottle sizes so that one size can fit all.

With options to ship 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 bottles or individual magnums, Clinker offers the versatility and flexibility to use across the drinks industry.

Individual Clinker fitments are designed to nest together for compact storage and cost-effective transportation. Compared to market alternatives, the fitments reduce the amount of storage space required and reduce the amount of procurement expenditure on transport.

As a paper-based packaging solution, Clinker will biodegrade 449.5 years quicker than traditional plastic packaging such as polystyrene, air sacks or void filler. Cullen can help reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging; in circulation and in landfill.

At home, Clinker is easy to recycle. Your customer can dispose of the paper-based packaging in their recycling bin so it can be fully recycled by their local authority. No confusing labels and no question of whether it’s really recyclable or not. It’s simple.

Using a standard compost heap, Clinker will break down in 6 months or less, giving your customers multiple ways to dispose of their packaging in an eco-friendly way.

Drop tested to industry standards and beyond

Cullen are so confident in Clinker, we put it to the test. Not only is it drop tested to the standard 0.8 metres, we went even further and dropped it from nearly four times that height. Here's what happened to the wine bottles...


Try before you buy. Request samples of your preferred option to compare with your existing packaging.

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