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Dale Farm

Dale Farm, a farmer owned co-operative, say “our farmers don’t just milk the cows, they own the company”. From seeds that grow the best grass to best practice on milk production, Dale Farm manage their full product cycle in-house.

Cullen manufacture shelf-ready packaging for Dale Farm who supply dairy products into Britain’s largest supermarkets.

“We get a personal level of service from Cullen. Together, we were able to look at our packaging and make use of creative designs that generated a cost saving”.

Group Procurement Category Manager

“For ALDI, Cullen suggested moving from high quality print packaging to standard flexographic. Their designers came up with a more cost-effective packaging style that was cheaper but didn’t compromise on performance. That meant we could pass the cost saving on to ALDI”.

On a second project, Cullen suggested moving from a flat die cut box to multi-point glued case.

Dale Farm explained, “When we visited Cullen in Glasgow, we worked with them to redesign our packaging for LIDL. Pre-assembling boxes used more labour resource and physical space than was necessary. Cullen helped us introduce a multi-point glued case that unfolds into its shape. It saved us time and money that we were able to pass on to Lidl too”.

Debbie Douglas, Sales Manager for Cullen, said “If Dale Farm present us with a challenge, we know we need to find a solution that benefits everyone. Working together to solve a common problem allows all three parties to benefit”.

Dale Farm summarised their experience with Cullen as “outstanding”. They said, “Cullen are our ideal supplier. Scheduling of orders is always perfect, we never have any issues with delivery times and the turnaround time is excellent. We would absolutely recommend Cullen to someone else”.

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