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Packaging as Part of the Circular Economy – Part 2 Featured Image

Packaging as Part of the Circular Economy – Part 2

Following part one, let’s take a look at the principles of the circular economy and how our products and processes align:



Start Circular

Design packaging with the circular economy in mind.

Smart sustainable design from the outset ensures the principles are ingrained in our NPD process. Our design and production teams have decades of knowledge and experience at their disposal and share it with our customers.


Work Out The Waste

Collaborate to share an understanding of processes – design, manufacture, product, brand & end-use.

At Cullen, collaborative working is par for the course. Successful working relationships where all parties gain an understanding of how our products are designed and made, what they will be used to protect or contain and how our customers visualise their brand and products are all key points in the solutions we create. This comprehensive understanding allows us to minimise waste in the process by getting it right, first time.


Pick The Right Pack

Use appropriate sustainable materials.

The raw materials we use to manufacture moulded pulp and corrugate packaging come from wholly sustainable sources. Once used, each product can be recycled, composted or will biodegrade. Paper-based materials have been used for centuries and their behaviours and qualities are proven to be reliable.


Life Is What You Make It

Extend product life with quality packaging.

The job of packaging is to protect and preserve. No matter how sustainable the material, if it doesn’t do the job, it is pointless. Our products are certified to stringent standards and our quality assurance processes are rigorous. Secondary waste through damaged products would cancel out any environmental advantage of the packaging.


It’s Good To Talk

Communicate clear information for disposal.

Paper-based packaging is the easiest material to dispose of in a way that completes the loop. Easily recognisable and recyclable kerbside in every UK local authority, moulded pulp and corrugate packaging need no special treatment or uplift. With the ability to biodegrade in 6 months, even when not disposed of responsibly, paper is the least impactful material.


Each step in the process relies on the others. Like a circle, there can be no break if we are to achieve maximum productivity and minimum waste. Bring a circular mindset to your packaging – work with Cullen and you will see that sustainability and success are not mutually exclusive but, in fact, go hand in hand.

Discuss your packaging with our consultants or explore our solutions for the packaging circular economy.