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Countdown To COP26: The 3C’s of Climate Action

If it hadn’t been for COVID-19, Glasgow would currently be reflecting on playing host to COP26, the UN climate change conference attended by world leaders to assess progress in global climate action.

The conference – which was to be the first time a COP summit has met in the UK and one of the largest events Scotland has ever hosted – has now been pushed back a year to November 2021. However, it will not be a year wasted and we were delighted to attend Scotland’s Countdown to COP26 Conference which kicked it off in great style with inspiring speakers, thought-provoking sessions and meaningful networking.

Throughout the day, the ideas and notions discussed aligned with the ethos here at Cullen.

Ian Marchant, the former CEO of SSE, spoke about what is needed for real change through climate action. He believes that Scotland must display 3C’s in its approach. The 3C’s, which we are very familiar with here at Cullen, include collaboration, creativity and courage. 


Working together is the only way forward. At Cullen, collaboration is key. A sound understanding of the needs of our customers through building close relationships is what allows the best product to be created first time round. This minimises waste and maximises both efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Innovation will power the change needed. Thinking outside the box, pardon the pun, is second nature at Cullen. Our production team seek to continually improve on existing work and our Research & Development department visualise, progress and create for the future. The drive to challenge and disrupt standard packaging solutions keeps the company pushing forward.


Set ambitious targets to maximise achievements. At Cullen, aims are high but so are achievements. Continual commitment of investment and infrastructure have seen excellent growth. Courage and conviction are in abundance both in company leadership and the workforce, rising to any challenges with positivity.

At a time when optimism seems hard to muster, Dr Martin Valenti, Head of Climate Enterprise for Scottish Enterprise, gave real cause to think positively about Scotland’s ability to impact climate action. He spoke about both Scotland’s historic reputation for invention and its future leadership potential in disruptive innovation. Disproportionate to its size, our small country is already making a big difference just as Cullen continues to deliver beyond expectation.

The notion that COP26 will now take place in Cullen’s centenary year seems serendipitous. Cullen, like Scotland, has a strong legacy and a bright future.

To utilise sustainable packaging in your business to help tackle climate change, speak to our packaging consultants.