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Supermarket Report: Must Try Harder

As reported in the mainstream media, Greenpeace and the Environmental Investigation Agency released Checking Out on Plastics II – a fairly damning report on the UK Supermarket ‘big ten’ and their plastic reduction pledges.

Between them, the ten biggest supermarket chains churned out more than 900,000 tonnes of single-use packaging waste this year – up by 17,000 on the previous year and in direct opposition to their publicised targets. This has, understandably, attracted criticism but here at Cullen we are optimistic about supermarket commitments and the wider food produce industry to reduce single-use plastic. We are certain of our ability to provide them the products to do just that. 

Our moulded pulp produce trays for fresh fruit and vegetables are the best alternative to plastic trays and inserts in both quality and environmental credentials. Our wet pressing technology ensures a strong tray that absorbs produce moisture, extends the shelf life and reduces food spoilage and waste. The raw materials used to produce the pulp itself is waste. Over-issued newspaper and the cut-offs from our corrugate packaging factory are used to create a new base material – pulp – from which our wide catalogue of recyclable, compostable and biodegradable products are made.


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The report’s authors want radical results and complete systems change. At Cullen we are strong advocates of minimising waste and environmental impact and to reverse the current climate change trajectory it will take a seismic shift in systems.

Kyle Murdoch, Head of Business Development at Cullen, said “It’s easy to say change is needed. However, when change can be made today, there’s little excuse to increase the amount of single-use plastic being used. Using recycled material to create a recyclable, compostable and biodegradable product, Cullen are actively creating solutions to problems like these”.

The problem is, complete systems change takes time. It is every bit as slow as it is necessary. In the meantime, we will provide the food retail industry the products to replace single-use plastic and improve their recyclability and recycled content scores – some as low as 20% according to the EIA’s report. Our produce tray range offers off-the-shelf and immediate solutions to package fresh food items. We can supply products that help start that change today.

We offer easily accessible and like-for-like replacement options to rid fresh food retail of single-use plastic and are excited to contribute, through our current and future relationships, to the reduction of these plastic-waste figures for 2020 and beyond.

The Cullen team will attend Fruit Logistica in Berlin on the 5th-7th February 2020 to discuss our produce trays and punnets. Contact us to book a meeting or enquire before the event.