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Supermarket Produce Packaging

As we shared recently, major supermarkets are imposing restrictions on the amount of plastic on shelves.

Instead, recyclable packaging such as moulded fibre pulp (see below) are required to meet supermarket targets. We shared targets set by Tesco & ASDA on produce growers last week and another supermarket has joined the fight to eliminate plastic.

Aldi have made changes to some of their fresh food packaging to use 95 per cent recycled material, which will reduce its plastic use by a further 139 tonnes a year. The move comes after the UK Government announced a crackdown on firms that sell products in single-use throwaway plastic.

“Cutting waste is part of our DNA and we have a longstanding commitment to minimise our impact on the environment.”

Fritz Walleczek, Director for Corporate Responsibility, ALDI UK

“That’s why we are doing all we can to cut the amount of unnecessary packaging and plastics we use and are working to ensure all our packaging can be either reused, recycled or composted by 2025.”

Cullen manufacture a range of supermarket-friendly moulded fibre trays and would be delighted to discuss what we can do for your business.

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