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OPINION: Shoppers Trying To Cut Plastic Use Featured Image

OPINION: Shoppers Trying To Cut Plastic Use


Would you pay more for your grocery shop if the packaging was eco-friendly?


For most of us, balancing being eco-considerate with convenience is a problem faced during every weekly shop. Of course, there’s an opportunity to simply ignore the issue but with so much noise from campaigners, consumers and supermarkets themselves, the UK has found itself in somewhat of a ‘plastic problem’.

A survey by YouGov revealed that eight in ten UK shoppers actively try and avoid unnecessary plastic in their weekly shop. Of course, the clear definition of unnecessary is a stick of cucumber or broccoli floret wrapped in a clear plastic wrap. Can it be sold unwrapped? Yes. Then there’s no need for wrapping.

The same can’t be said for a punnet or tray. The tray is necessary; it collates multiple smaller, more delicate produce and protects them from bruising or abrasions. But does it have to be plastic?


In this era of ‘anti-plastic consumerism’, a quick win for supermarkets could be replacing the plastic tray with a more eco-friendly equivalent. At Cullen, we manufacture moulded pulp produce trays. These trays are BRC/IOP registered for conformity as food packaging.

Moulded pulp produce trays are a great alternative to plastic and come with three primary benefits:

  1. Recyclable – For the average consumer, 7 official grades of plastic is confusing. Often most, if not all, are tossed into the plastic recycling with goodwill and a boost of dopamine for a good deed. Moulded pulp produce trays are recyclable kerbside with other household paper waste.
  2. Compostable – Cullen produce trays come with EU compostability certification EN13432 to certify for home composting.
  3. Biodegradable – Moulded pulp is a biodegradable material. Compared to single-use plastic, moulded pulp takes up to 449 ½ years LESS to biodegrade.

Our full range of recyclable, compostable and biodegradable moulded pulp produce trays can be found here.

Not sure what you’re looking for or need to discuss your situation with us? No problem. We speak to businesses every day that have concerns about plastic packaging that we can help with. Give us a call or send us a message here.

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