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Secure your packaging supply chain

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your packaging supply chain is no different.

Decisions made outside your business can put it under unwelcome pressure. Unforeseen health emergencies can impact your supply chain, causing uncertainty over procurement.

As a UK-manufacturer of eco-friendly packaging, we offer stability and reassurance to businesses affected by recent events.

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At every stage, from source material to product delivery, we know the links of our supply chain that support us. Our chain is based entirely in the UK and consists of companies with which we have long-standing relationships, bound together in standards and values.

Unforeseen world events can jeopardise production. In today’s world of global business, it doesn’t matter where the chain is broken. As we have seen recently in China, the impact of interrupted production can be felt well beyond the area of the event. It is not just at the site of the snap that the damage is done.

Cullen manufacture a range of protective product packaging and our team of account managers can help you manage any changeover to avoid uncertainty.

For confidence that your eco-friendly packaging supply will be fulfilled, connect Cullen as a link in your chain.