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Would you pay more for a plastic bag? Featured Image

Would you pay more for a plastic bag?


How do you feel about spending 50p to pack your weekly shopping?

The UK’s 5p charge on a single-use plastic bag could see an increase to 10p after a consultation. Prime Minister Theresa May announced her plans to consult on a sector-wide increase to the fee later this year.

The news comes after Morrisons re-introduced single-use paper bags, issued free of charge for fruit & veg, and replaced single-use plastic bags at their checkouts; again, in favour of paper bags.

The use of plastic in packaging continues to be of concern to consumers with a recent YouGov poll finding 59% of people under 35 care about how their habits, like their weekly shop, affect the environment. Their attitudes are helping to change the way retailers view single-use plastic.

Would a bigger levy on single-use plastic encourage you to reuse a plastic bag, in turn using less of it?