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Paper Makes Prizes

Thanks to lockdown, quizzes are featuring in peoples’ lives far more than the odd Tuesday night pub visit and can turn into a tipsy occasion. So why not join in with our ‘Paper’ round?

  1. What material has been in use for thousands of years?
  2. What is natural, recyclable and biodegradable in 6 weeks?
  3. What can come from a fully sustainable, certified source?
  4. What can be used to form strong, safe and sustainable packaging?
  5. What type of packaging has Cullen been producing, innovating and advancing for a century?

When you realise the answer to all these questions is paper, you realise paper is the answer to a lot of questions.

What can companies use to help prioritise sustainability?
What is the best packaging option to replace plastic packaging?
How can business replace single-use plastic packaging in a way that isn’t expensive, especially in the current difficulties economies are facing?

Cullen Paper Packaging Eco Friendly Questions

Worldwide, fingers are on the buzzers for the simple, sustainable solution. With the pressure on to find out the best way forward, packaging is a great starting point. Paper-based packaging – moulded pulp and corrugate boxes – can significantly reduce product waste through damage, use of plastic and carbon footprint.

Bioplastics and plant-based products are other packaging teams claiming sustainability as their specialist subject. Bioplastics still break down to be microplastics – just as problematic for the planet – and plant-based products would need environmentally damaging levels of crop production to be a viable alternative to plastic.

The thing that puts paper at the top of the plastic replacement leader board is cost. Eco-friendly paper-based packaging can be a commercially viable replacement for plastic, making it easier to ensure sustainability without sacrificing profit.

When it comes to packaging, paper gets top marks.

Cullen manufacture moulded pulp and corrugate packaging from our 56,000 m2 site in Glasgow, UK. Get in touch and let us help you make your packaging prize-winning.