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Packaging as Part of the Circular Economy – Part 1 Featured Image

Packaging as Part of the Circular Economy – Part 1

Even if you have heard the term ‘circular economy’, chances are, you may not be sure what it is all about. With so many new names, labels and processes in play, especially in the realm of climate change, it can be difficult to get to grips with them all. The ‘circular economy’, however, is well worth getting to know better.

Recently we attended Circular Glasgow’s Get Inspired 2020, a series of events highlighting the many positives of the circular economy. A platform to share insights and learnings on ways to adopt innovative business-led strategies, this event galvanised our knowledge in this area, solidifying our belief in the circular economy model.

At present, our economy is linear following a basic pattern of make, use and dispose. The circular economy offers a cyclical model in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, to get the most from them during their useable life. This model then recovers and regenerates products and materials to repurpose them, starting the lifecycle again to eliminate waste.



What sets the circular economy apart from other solutions to our ongoing ecological crises is that it can be as beneficial to business as it is to the environment. A positive and exciting framework, the circular economy increases focus and drives change.  By adopting this approach within your business, you will: 

  • create new opportunities for growth
  • reduce waste
  • drive greater resource productivity 
  • deliver a more competitive UK economy
  • position the UK to better address emerging resource security and scarcity issues in the future
  • help reduce the environmental impacts of our production and consumption, locally and internationally. 

At Cullen, both our products and our ethos are circular and we are excited to collaborate with businesses looking to gain the advantage that circularity brings. Using our knowledge and experience, we seek to support companies by ensuring their packaging is ahead in the race to sustainability and success.

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