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Bake-In Muffin Tray

The bake-in muffin tray is a Cullen innovation, made from moulded pulp and designed to remove human contact from the baking process.

Our claim to being ‘innovative’ pushes our team to design new products that make a difference to businesses and the environment.

We recently created a bake-in muffin tray using the FSC-certified kraft off-cuts from our corrugate factory. The tray is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable and removes any human contact in the baking or distribution process. A major supplier of baked goods uses the tray to supply muffins into British supermarkets and coffee shops. The tray helps manage both hygiene and quality control.

The first human contact comes when the customer purchases the muffin. Before that, the muffin case & batter are inserted into the pulp tray, the muffins are baked and then transported to their store for sale. If required, the muffin tray can be used for shelf-edge display.

Our knowledgeable consultants can offer more information on the muffin tray or your next innovative moulded pulp product. Contact them for more information.