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Moulded Pulp In The Medical Industry

To the average person, moulded pulp is simply the by-product made when recycling newspapers, magazines or letters. Commercially however, pulp is worth so much more than that.

  • It is the carrier tray for your takeaway drinks.
  • It is the tray that holds your fresh produce in the supermarket.
  • It is the biodegradable plant pot that new or old gardeners can dispose of ethically during planting.

In the medical world, moulded pulp is the saviour of health services worldwide. If you’re providing care to vulnerable patients or those in a clinical setting, moulded pulp is used to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

Single-use moulded pulp urine bottles, wash bowls and bedpan liners allow for the transportation of bodily fluid to a macerator. The product and contents can be disposed of together without the need to disinfect, wash or reuse. Using a series of blades to pulverise the waste, the macerator will shred the items into tiny particles which can then be safely dispersed into the sewage system without risk of blockages.

Although single use products may seem wasteful, all moulded pulp manufactured by Cullen is made using 100% recycled paper. This can come from our corrugate factory off-cuts or bought-in recycled newspaper. Our single use moulded pulp products don’t contribute to deforestation but use recycled material from sustainable sources which is pivotal to our company values.

Cullen supply over 100 million medical pulp products across the UK and to clients around the world each year. All our medical pulp products are tested to PAS29 standards at our manufacturing site in Glasgow, UK.

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