Innovative Beer Packaging - beerGUARD For Ultimate Shipping Protection

beerGUARD – No Tears, Just Beers Featured Image

beerGUARD – No Tears, Just Beers

Cullen, Europe’s only moulded pulp & corrugate packaging manufacturer, is delighted to announce the launch of its much anticipated eco-friendly beerGUARD transit pack.

Expertly designed to safeguard glass bottles and cans during transit to eliminate damages, the NEW beerGUARD from Cullen is made from sustainable moulded pulp. Light-weight and quick to pack, this innovative beer packaging solution encases up to 12 products to offer the highest level of protection during shipping.

Inspired by the 50% increase in e-commerce beer sales during 2020 (1) and the rising supplier demand for secure and trusted packaging options to satisfy this, the beerGUARD was developed in partnership with online drinks suppliers to ensure it provides a versatile and purpose-driven solution.



Comprised of a single fitment, the individual cavities in the universal top and base layer snugly hold the product in place to reduce rattling and movement when inserted into an outer box. Suitable for 330ml and 500ml bottles in addition to cans, this multi-use pack nests together to reduce storage space.

Eco-friendly to boot, the 100% plastic-free beerGUARD is fully recyclable and will biodegrade within 6 months when disposed of.

David MacDonald, Director at Cullen commented:

“Online interest in beer delivery has never been higher than in 2020 as a result of changing consumer behaviour influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. At Cullen, we set out to manufacture the safest, most economical and sustainable way to transport beers to consumers and we believe that we have achieved this.”

Click here for more on our innovative beer packaging and see how it can reduce transit damages within your business. If you would like to trial the beerGUARD order your samples now.