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Industries We Supply

One of the defining traits of Cullen’s manufacturing is its versatility. By being innovative, flexible and solution-focused, our team has expanded our product portfolio to include a wide range of corrugated packaging solutions including specialist e-tail options, shelf-ready packaging and much more, in addition to our extensive moulded pulp offering and infinite bespoke possibilities. Not only are our products diverse, the industries we can supply to are without limit. Join us to take a look at some of the most prominent industries we work with.



As a key supplier to the NHS and other healthcare providers across the world, our medical pulp consumables are designed to limit the risk of cross-infection in patient-treatment facilities. The moulded pulp products are used in place of reusable metal or disposable plastic options. As each single-use container is industrially compostable they are disposed of in a macerator, along with its contents, minimizing any possibility of cross- contamination. Disposable options are preferred in a healthcare setting to maximise hygiene and reduce the burden on staff time. Our moulded pulp solutions offer these advantages while minimising environmental concerns.



We offer a wide range of trays to safely store and transport a variety of produce types throughout the supply chain, all manufactured to BRC Global Standard for food packaging. Made with recycled paper, the fibre lengths in moulded pulp offer both strength and flexibility. Designed as such, our moulded pulp punnets and trays protect delicate produce whilst simultaneously absorbing moisture to reduce food waste. Both punnets and trays can also be stacked and stored neatly, helping customers logistically by minimizing shipping and storage space. Moreover, the use of moulded pulp packaging can extend the life of produce by up to three days.



Our industrial range comprises of products to replace troublesome polystyrene and other plastic packaging while retaining excellent protective performance for industrial goods. We offer a wide range of product solutions including those for effectively transporting paint, for protecting white goods in transit, and for the safe shipping of medical packs. Our range offers real flexibility of use and also covers protective corners for windows, photo frames and furniture, making it feasible to protect items from damage in a sustainable and cost-effective way.



With a variety of corrugated and moulded pulp solutions to meet the primary packaging and transit needs of food and drink products, we work with manufacturers, growers, retailers and distributors in addition to supplying all UK supermarkets. Our extensive range and bespoke capabilities mean there are solutions to fit all budgets and products. As the only manufacturer in Europe to produce both corrugated and moulded pulp products, we are uniquely placed to provide combination packs, where both the internal and external packaging is created and supplied in tandem. We also offer a variety of moulded pulp solutions for alcohol shipping, commercial bakers, events, football grounds and much more, making our offering the largest in the UK.



With the horticultural industry focused on the growth of plants in nature, it is no wonder that their customers put stock in sustainability. Our horticultural range in moulded pulp includes collation trays and pots that offer a viable replacement to the non-recyclable plastic options so commonly used. Not only does the material swap improve environmental impact but our products also allow plants to be sewn and sold in the same pot. The range offers a packaging solution for both transport and shelf-edge display reducing waste, streamlining processes for retail.



We speak to businesses every day who want an eco-friendly packaging solution that is custom made to fit and protect their product and our innovative and versatile end-product solutions are created to do just that. Our hugely experienced design and production teams apply their knowledge to the customer collaborative process. As specialists in internal & external packaging, we are trained to look at things differently, to ensure your unique solution meets the exact needs of your business or product.

The industries we work with are not limited to these. From horticulture to hospitality, and everything in between, we are confident that working with Cullen holds a solution for any industry.  With more and more applications developed, manufactured and supplied regularly, the possibilities for peak performance in corrugated cardboard and moulded pulp products are limitless.