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How to ship bottles safely

As lockdown continues and we spend more time than ever at home, delivery of wine and spirits has never been more in demand.

The big guns in the world of mail-order drinks such as Laithwaites, Virgin and Naked Wines had to stop sales short-term to cope with the surge while new names to the game are springing up daily, all looking to supply and succeed.

A big factor for all of these companies, old or new, will be how to ship bottles to their customers without damage.

bottle packaging advice

First of all, select an appropriately sized pack for your bottle(s). Don’t try to fit too many in one pack without the appropriate protection for each.

Once you’ve selected the right pack, the best way to guarantee minimal movement within the package – and the intact arrival of the product – is by packing the bottle as tightly as possible.

For extra protection, ensure the top, middle and bottom of the bottle are well-protected by its packing material. The weakest points of a wine bottle are the neck and base and these are often the first to break if the package is dropped. Consider a packaging material that protects 100% of the bottle.

Using a thick-walled corrugate carton will give your bottle an extra layer of protection. Occasionally, for heavier, more expensive or multipacks of bottles, a double-walled carton can give more stability and security to your valuable product. This isn’t always required for lighter or single bottles, however.

Finally, the overall pack must be strong and durable. Ideally, the packaging will be drop-tested to ISTA 3A standard and officially recognized as able to withstand transport hazards.


Cullen are manufacturers of Clinker and Safansound. Both provide ultimate protection for bottles in 100% plastic-free packaging. They can do all of the above and are made from 100% recycled paper, meaning your customers can simply recycle their packaging after delivery. No waste!

We hold both Clinker and Safansound packs in stock to provide businesses with a quick solution for online distribution. Cullen can be your sole supplier too – we’re the only UK manufacturer of both moulded pulp fitments and outer corrugate packaging – providing a more streamlined process for your business.

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