Environmental Packaging Summit 2019 - Cullen

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Environmental Packaging Summit 2019

The Environmental Packaging Summit addressed the issue of sustainability in packaging. Cullen were invited to exhibit at the conference and showcase our range of moulded pulp alternatives to non-recyclable plastic packaging.

Interest on the day was high; both for the outstanding breakfast and for discussion on packaging sustainability. After speaking to delegates from the retail industry, packaging design and industry influencers, there is enthusiasm within the industry to move away from non-recyclable, wasteful material. We believe moulded pulp plays a big part in solving the problem.

Another discussion topic was how to make packaging contribute to the circular economy. This model aims to design out waste and give material another life. We discussed this topic with a delegate from the Netherlands and presented our closed-loop recycling system as an example.

At our manufacturing facility, our closed-loop recycling system collects and stores off-cuts from our corrugate factory. Cullen then manufacture moulded pulp fitments, protective products and carrier trays using the corrugate off-cuts. Each product is recyclable, creating another opportunity to use the material again and keep the circular economy flowing.

Now back in Glasgow, we would like to thank those we spoke to. From the UK, Europe and Will Lorenzi, the delegate that flew overnight from the USA to be at the conference, it was a pleasure to talk packaging with you.

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