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Cullen Supports Local NHS Facilities During COVID-19

As the fight against COVID-19 continues so does Cullen’s commitment to help.

The pressure on the supply chain for both medical care and food packaging has been substantial and, as an essential link in the chain for both, Cullen has been operating throughout the lockdown period. Production at our Glasgow manufacturing site has continued 24/7 to meet the additional demand and, despite the huge challenge everyone is facing, our team ensured that supply never faltered.

Based just a few miles from the NHS Louisa Jordan, Glasgow’s temporary critical care hospital, our team were determined to help NHS staff care for those suffering the most. In a time of great uncertainty surrounding the impact of COVID-19, Cullen committed to manufacturing and ringfencing medical pulp products for the emergency facility free of charge. 100,000 donated units, including items such as urine bottles, bedpans and washbowls, which all help control the spread of infection, are earmarked for use in NHS Louisa Jordan. While we want to show solidarity with our community, all of us at Cullen share the city’s hope that they may never be required.

While Cullen can’t pivot its manufacturing capabilities due to the continuing high demand for our eco-friendly packaging, we were intent on doing everything we could to help.

Many companies and organisations across Glasgow have been unable to continue their usual business and there has been an impressive effort to pivot production lines and work together to provide protective items for keyworkers. Cullen was delighted to be able to help one such group, Vise Up, coordinated by other large Glasgow businesses such as The Innovation School at Kelvinside Academy and SWG3. They needed to safely transport the 3D printed visors they created to care-givers. Cullen was happy to step in and donate 1,000 corrugate boxes to ensure the safe distribution of 25,000 visors to frontline health workers in Glasgow and across Scotland.

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