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Cullen Included in ASDA Approved Supplier List

Cullen have been recognised as a quality corrugate packaging manufacturer with our inclusion in the ASDA Approved List of Packaging Print Suppliers once again.

For the ninth year in a row, Cullen will supply quality, consistent and cost-efficient packaging into the UK’s second-largest supermarket.

Debbie Douglas, Corrugate Sales Manager for Cullen said, “The last few months have proven just how much reliance is placed on Cullen to continue to manufacture, even in the most challenging of circumstances. We are delighted to be included as an ASDA Approved Packaging Print Supplier once again, continuing an unbroken nine-year run since the list’s inception. As the only independently-owned Scottish manufacturer on the list, we are particularly proud to work with a number of food producers, all of whom share our ethos and commitment”.

Cullen ASDA Approved Packaging Supplier


ASDA Statement

As part of ASDA’s commitment to providing their customers with the best value, ASDA have an Approved List of Packaging Print Suppliers, which has been in place since 2012.

Each Approved Supplier has gone through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that only the printers with the right credentials, best capabilities and those most cost-efficient, with a proactive culture of process improvement and customer service are included.

Those selected to be on the list have a close working partnership with the ASDA Print Team and clearly understand the joint focus of consistent print, colour control, process control, continual improvement and sustainable print and material innovation, all supported by the intelligent use of technology.

ASDA review and refresh the ASDA Approved Printer list each year, ensuring that only those on top of their game make it on to the list.

Cullen are proud to be a member of this select group of Packaging Printers and we are committed to delivering excellence in Customer Service and Product Quality at highly competitive prices.

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