Clinker – Built For Safe Voyage Featured Image

Clinker – Built For Safe Voyage

You shouldn’t have to choose between safety and sustainability. We think bottles should be shipped with ultimate protection and in 100% plastic-free packaging.

So, we designed and manufactured Clinker.


Like the shipbuilding technique it is named after, Clinker uses interconnecting fitments to create a structure notable for its strength, reliability and durability.

Each Clinker pack is first assembled using three moulded pulp fitments; for the top, middle and bottom of the bottle. The fitments cover the full bottle to give it a complete layer of protection in transit.

Secondly, each fitment is designed with a square, flat bottom. The square bottom acts as an impact barrier to the sides of the pack and helps protect Clinker contents.

The bottle and fitments are given a third layer of protection by the thick-walled corrugate carton; which can be branded accordingly or stay a natural brown. The carton holds all three fitments and the bottle in place during shipping.

The Clinker single pack is been drop tested to ISTA 3A standard and is officially recognised as able to effectively withstand transport hazards.

Built For Safe Voyage


Recycling Clinker is easy. It’s made from 100% recycled paper so it can be recycled alongside other household paper waste. No confusing labels and no question of whether it’s really recyclable or not. It’s simple.

We only use kraft paper to manufacture Clinker fitments, using the off-cuts from our corrugate packaging factory. The longer kraft fibres are stronger than traditional newspaper and give your bottles increased cushioning and protection during transit.

We’re so confident in Clinker, we put it to the test. Not only is it drop tested to the standard 0.8 metres, we went even further and dropped it from nearly four times that height. View our Clinker drop test video to see what happened.

Clinker can protect one, two, three, six and twelve standard bottles of wine, spirits or champagne with its various pack sizes. We also have an option to ship single magnums too. Contact our account managers who will help you select the best pack for your requirement.

Taking care of your product or the planet? There is no need to compromise.

Clinker, built for safe voyage.