WBC service the speciality food and drinks market with off-the-shelf and bespoke packaging supplies. The business’ 30-year history has been built servicing niche wine merchants and drinks retailers with secondary outer packaging.

Wine bottles require careful handling and protection when transported. When searching for eco-friendly packaging material, WBC found that most market options either don’t have the desired eco-credentials or don’t protect wine bottles to the standard their customers expect.

WBC commit to providing their customers with ‘MEFA’ – More Eco-Friendly Alternatives. Their belief is so strong, the business commits to planting one tree for every transit packaging order they receive. To date, they’ve planted more than 30,000 trees.

Andrew Wilson, Managing Director of WBC said, “It was increasingly apparent that a lot of our customers were going to be looking for environmentally sound replacements for polystyrene and heavy-duty plastic transit packaging.”

“We wanted to develop a pulp version of our polystyrene range and did a lot of internet research. We found a US company but the cost of shipping ruled it out.”

With a British manufacturer offering logistical benefits, trust and capability played a critical part in choosing the right company to partner with. Of the small number of moulded pulp providers WBC spoke to, Cullen were chosen to move forward with the concept.


Andrew Wilson, WBC

Aiming to offer WBC customers the choice between polystyrene and moulded pulp packaging, Cullen and WBC worked together to create a safe and sustainable bottle transit pack. Cullen designed several solutions to transport single, multiple and magnum bottles. 

In each solution, three moulded pulp fitments protect the top, middle and bottom of bottles. The fitments cover the full bottle to give it a complete layer of protection in transit. The bottle and fitments are given an additional layer of protection by the thick-walled corrugate carton.

Cullen Clinker One Fitments

“We were pleased that the solution can support various bottle sizes. The whole pack is very flexible and, when you close and secure the box, all fitments are solid against the outer box.”

In a world where recyclable packaging is becoming increasingly important, Clinker is easy to dispose of, at home, using kerbside recycling schemes. However, the eco-credentials of bottle packaging are worthless without consideration of safety to deliver the bottles in perfect condition.

“Our customers have seen a reduction in breakages since they began using Clinker. I found it impressive that Cullen undertook independent drop tests to support WBC.”

The Clinker single pack is drop tested to ISTA 3A certification and is officially recognised as able to effectively withstand transport hazards. Testing is underway on Clinker magnum & multipacks.

Speaking on his experience with Cullen, Andrew commented, “I can’t fault it. The team have supported us in the development and market readiness of Clinker. It’s quite unusual that Cullen invested in industry-standard testing for Clinker so early in the process but it told me they believed in the product and that this was to be a true partnership. Cullen helped us bring the product to market quickly, without the need for additional investment. Their team have been fantastic, the lead times have been brilliant; I can’t fault Cullen at all.”

Clinker delivers ultimate protection to ship bottles in 100% plastic-free packaging.

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