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Tails.com is an online retailer that tailor-make dog food and deliver it to the owner with flexible monthly deliveries.

Debbie Douglas, Sales Manager at Cullen said “We began working with tails.com to improve their packaging. As an e-commerce retailer, each box needs to arrive at its destination in perfect condition and they wanted to improve the performance of their wet food packaging. We were challenged to come up with a new solution.”


tails.com packaging


The Head of Supply Chain at tails.com, said “The whole Cullen team were really collaborative to work with. They invited us to Glasgow for a site visit and to explore different possibilities with one of their designers. Once we had a couple of prototypes in mind, they were able to provide test versions so we could do courier trials to make sure it delivered the expected performance.”

The selected design was a single crash-lock box that offers flexibility to ship between 4 and 8 products over two levels. A 4 cavity insert protects bottom level products while the interlocking box flaps protect any top-level product.

“Cullen were supportive in creating the right solution for tails.com. They committed to get us exactly what we asked for and were pro-active and flexible in sending us samples to test with customers.”

Head of Supply Chain, tails.com

“Our new packaging was a definite improvement, and delivered improved transit performance straight away”, Caroline continued. “The secondary packaging is also space where we can put creative content to give our customers a bit more brand love”.

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