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HPC Healthline

Working with HPC Healthline, Cullen manufacture a range of medical moulded pulp consumables that are found in NHS facilities across the UK.

“From day one, it was very easy to work with Cullen. In service, quality and product innovation, Cullen have been a great partner for us”.

Jason Prichard, Managing Director of HPC Healthline

Cullen supply over 100 million single use moulded pulp items to the NHS. These include urinals, bedpan liners, wash bowls and utensil trays. Each water-holding product is required to be water repellent for a minimum of four hours.

Jason continued, “When our relationship began, we were up against the industry market leader who were, at that time, seen as innovators. Over time, Cullen and HPC have been able to improve the quality of moulded pulp and create the right standards across the industry.”
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A sample from each moulded pulp production run is tested to standards now set by the NHS.

Jason summarised, “The biggest thing for me is that Cullen and HPC are growing businesses that share similar values. The culture we’ve developed together means that anything is possible. We never get a ‘no’ from Cullen. They always try to find a solution to our enquiries”.

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