Fujifilm - Cullen


Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems manufacture printing ink for large format printing platforms. As digital ink is a low viscosity product, bespoke packaging is required to fulfil the needs of the end customer.

An ink pouch, designed to be used in a ‘plug and play’ system, is filled with ink, packed and dispatched. On arrival, it is simply plugged into the printer without any external contact.

Fujifilm experienced problems with pouches being damaged and leaking in transit, resulting in financial penalties and dissatisfied customers. As pouches are shipped worldwide by road, air and sea, Fujifilm required a form of packaging that kept them stable in the external carton; to stop movement within but also to provide cushioning against drops and impact.

“Cullen ticks all the boxes. They are the full package of everything you need from concept to delivery. The go-to company for moulded pulp packaging”

Product Performance Manager, Fujifilm

With a UK based packaging partner being the preference, and following a very negative experience with another moulded pulp manufacturer, Fujifilm came across Cullen online, finding the team impressive from the outset.

“When we started talking to Kyle, when we met Danny and when we came up to the site, it was quite clear that Cullen was different. The quality procedures in place were everything we expected them to be – and we have a high expectation of QA procedures.”

The layout and cleanliness of the site, strong communication and the sense of genuine customer care offered by a family-owned business consolidated Fujifilm’s confidence in Cullen.

“We felt like an important customer and, whatever our needs were, Cullen did their very best to make sure they were achieved.”

A positive collaboration from the start, Cullen and Fujifilm worked together to create a bespoke solution for the ink pouches. The project posed a complex set of unique challenges but Cullen was always confident that a solution would be found. The scale and integral structure of the tray, along with the extremely tight technical parameters required, saw seven design revisions during the process of creating protective packaging for the two-litre ink pouch.


Cullen Fujifilm collage custom bespoke eco-friendly packaging moulded fibre moulded pulp


After acing Fujifilm’s drop tests, the 2L volume packaging was put into circulation and over the last year has contributed to a reduction in leakage from 1% to 0.1%. Not only did Fujifilm achieve an unprecedented rate improvement, but they were also impressed by the aesthetics of the packaging.

“Brand presentation is important to us. Moulded pulp gives a more robust and professional-looking package. This was in keeping with our other Fujifilm products.”

Together, Fujifilm and Cullen have created a further solution for 3L volume pouch trays, for which leaker rates were also an issue, and are looking forward to working together on trays for other volumes – even those without leakage issues.

“Cullen ticks all the boxes. Infrastructure and quality control are in place. Their communication, after-market service, care and consideration are all there. Cullen is the full package of everything you need from a packaging partner. From concept to delivery, Cullen fulfils all those roles. The go-to company for moulded pulp packaging, I would say”


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